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Welcome to Mike Simon dot com. This little piece of vanity is my spot on the web. I was lucky enough to stake my claim to it before all the many other folks with the name Mike Simon got it.

Now, a little about this Mike Simon: I'm a big nerd. What that means to you is that I'm a web programmer (I made Social Network and Scriptwist Story Circle Creator), Webtoonist (See my experiments here: Sci-Fi Adventure Superiorcery, Horror Comedy Raveyard, and Spider-Man parody Slinger), America's Okayest novelist (Yellow & Green: Not an Autobiography of Marcy Chen), game designer (I made Kaiju Catz: Meow Meow Kaiju Fight tabletop game, and co-wrote/illustrated Windzone RPG), comic book reader, tabletop RPG and board gamer, and movie addict.

I have far more trivia in my head than could possibly be useful. What you'll find on this site is a collection of things that help make me who I am and describe me and my interests. Hopefully this will be at least a little entertaining and maybe a little informative. If you find yourself wanting to contact me at nixkuroi (at sign)


Is it really you?
If you're thinking I just might be the Mike Simon you're looking for, here's a list of some of the places I've lived in alphabetical order:

East Lansing, Michigan
Indianapolis, Indiana
Knightstown, Indiana
Madison, Wisconsin
Muncie, Indiana
Osaka, Japan
Redmond, Washington
Renton, Washington
West Des Moines, Iowa

Like the picture to the left?Click here to check out a little javascript photo album I did for Mother's day.
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